Twitter Best Practices

twitter best practices

Every social media has it’s best practices to be used. Here are several practices that I myself use and that have been successful for me! Twitter best practices:

1. Post several times a day.

Twitter is a fast moving community! Your tweet will be lost in an hour because of the amount of tweets going out during the day. Be sure to post several times a day! I suggest that you do not post about the same thing all day; that is not to say that you cannot repeat content, but don’t overload your followers. 

2. Use hashtags.

In order for your tweets to be searched for and found by users, use hashtags! If you’re tweeting about home decor, use a hashtag that correlates. If you’re tweeting about a holiday, use the holiday hashtag! 

3. Post others content.

Twitter is just like any other social media. Nobody wants to hear about you brag about your content all the time. Make sure that you post others’ content! Tweet about things relevant to your followers. Tweet helpful tips and tricks. Tweet to further other bloggers success.

4. Tag others.

When you tweet others’ content, don’t forget to tag them in it! Let them know you’re their friend; good relationships can begin that way! When you’re wanting to direct your tweet towards someone, tag that person in it as well.

5. Use plugins for ease.

Plugins on WordPress, apps and widgets can make your life so much easier! A plugin that I use constantly is one called Tweet Old Posts. You can set the frequency for this plugin to automatically tweet your old posts out by the hour, couple hours, etc. So your old content is always being put “out there” without much effort! You can also set exactly what you want to be tweeted.

Don’t forget to tweet your new posts out manually though! You won’t want to miss out on that promotion.

6. Schedule!

At certain times of the year, certain posts that you have will be very applicable. During the holidays, certain side dishes and dessert recipes are quite popular. When I know that I’m coming into a season like that, I schedule out these posts for visibility. I schedule them out several times during the week using differing tweet messages. The point is to schedule them ahead of time, so that you don’t have to remember to do it.



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