Link Party Benefits- 4 Reasons You Should Participate!

I first began participating in link parties as a way to get more blog page views. That was the value that I saw in it at the time. Since then I have learned that there are great link party benefits!

link party benefits

1. Blog exposure

Obviously this is a big one! Probably many bloggers’ motivation for participating in link parties is related to this one. By linking up to parties, you will be seen by a totally new audience. You’ll gather new followers because they like what they see at your blog! When and if you’re featured during link parties, your featured post will get some traffic as well. From bloggers and even non-bloggers who are just there to view the new posts bloggers are linking up, you’ll defintely get blog exposure!

2. New relationships

As you frequent the same parties each week, you’ll get to know the blogger hosts and other faithful bloggers who link up as well. You’ll become familiar with each other and this is where relationships can start! Why is this so important? Because bloggers are not in competition with each other! When banded together, a group of bloggers can do more to help each other and their own blogs than they can do apart!

Building friendships is a smart move.

  • You can share each other’s work on social media and get more traction.
  • You can create Pinterest group boards together and use each other’s following to get more page views.
  • You can begin your own link party, giveaway, video series or event together to boost your blogs.
  • You can learn from each other!

3. Creative inspiration

As you search the internet for link parties that fit your niche, you’ll come into contact with lots of new sites never discovered by you before. You’ll gather new ideas for so many things for your own blog!

  • blog design ideas
  • blog post ideas
  • photo editing ideas
  • writing style ideas

Bloggers have to get themselves “out there” to experience new things, and expose themselves to new ideas and information. Without this type of research we would have nothing to give. You can’t give to your blog readers if you’re empty yourself. So go fill up on new ideas and inspiration! It may be through visiting other blogs that you get what you need; that’s just one option or one way to get creative!

4. Education

No blogger knows everything about his/her niche. We can always learn. So how does visiting link parties aid this?

  • New information – When participating in link parties, you should be visiting other link ups that interest you. Choose link ups that will help in your blogging, such as BLOG MONETIZATION or CREATING GREAT IMAGES.
  • New ideas – Choose link ups that are niche specific to you; check out how other foodie bloggers like yourself handle ______ (image graphics, recipe plugins, etc.) on their sites. Get new ideas on sidebar items,
  • New blogging companies & communities – Many times in bloggers sidebar and footer areas, they have blogger community badges that they belong to. They may also have their blogging company badges that they are affiliated with. You can find some great new companies to work with and good and helpful blogging communities to belong to!

Link parties take time to participate in, but they are worth it! It can become disheartening when you don’t see immediate results with linking up your blog posts to these parties. But don’t allow yourself to quit! Learn to MAKE THE MOST OF LINK PARTIES by linking up several posts at at time, linking up to several link parties a night, etc.

What other ways do you believe link parties are helpful?


  1. says

    I’ve been featured in several blogs (or rather my Toy Shop – has), but the main thing I’ve found from linky parties is the ability to make new contacts with fellow bloggers. Used to do a lot, but have stopped just lately, as I’ve got carried away with other social media activities.
    Isobel Morrell (@Coldhamcalling) recently posted…An unexpected Patient visits + Relocation Update No.3My Profile

    • Danielle Wells says

      I go in spurts with link parties. It’s easy to get burnt out on them. And you’re right! There are so many other things a blogger has to do! :)

    • Danielle Wells says

      You’re welcome! Lack of time is why I sometimes go in spurts of participating too! Life does get busy!

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