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Social Media Tips for Facebook

Here are some excellent social media tips for FaceBook! As a blogger you should let other websites work for you to generate traffic, new followers and revenue. All social media venues should be optimized and used so that you receive the most value you can from them! Facebook is a platform that is very popular and that people visit everyday. With such hustle and bustle going on there, you should be in the middle of the action gathering people’s interest and directing them to your site! Here’s some Facebook social media tips that will help you in this quest!

Get Facebook page followers.

Allocate a part of your blogging time each day to gain new Facebook followers. There are multiple ways to do this. One way that worked well for me was liking other bloggers fan pages and asking for “likes” or follows in return. Remember that you must “like” other bloggers pages with your personal Facebook account for it to ‘count’ in their numbers. And in return they must like your page with their personal account for your numbers to increase. So make it easy for them to find your Facebook fan page. When you message them asking for a like/follow in return for  your liking/following them, include your blogs fan page in the message! Read more about this HERE.

Post other bloggers’ content.

Show love to other bloggers that you enjoy by posting their content. This creates a good relationship between you and possible future endeavors between you. If you’re posting and promoting other bloggers content, not only will that blogger appreciate it but your readers will see that you’re not a selfish poster. Thus a bond will develop. And other bloggers to whom you’ve shown love, may post your content in return! Now your content is going somewhere!

Use an app to publish your daily blog posts.

It can become a tedious job to post your new blog articles on Facebook. You may forget or think you already have when you really haven’t. And so to put your mind at ease and let something else do your work, use an Facebook application to publish your posts for you. A popular one that many bloggers use {and me too!} is Networked Blogs. You can easily share your posts to social networks, and get a quick overview of the status of your blog and get discovered by more followers via Networked Blogs.

Be social!

In order for you to see any traffic from Facebook to your blog, you must be social on Facebook with your fan page! That’s why it’s called SOCIAL media. With that in mind, you need to get your blog ‘out there’ and noticed by your followers or friends. If you never post {except for daily blog posts} they won’t know what you’re all about or anything about you and your blog. You must get followers engaged and in a trusting relationship before they will bump over to your blog. Your goal is to get and keep lifelong followers so you must establish yourself first.

To get engaged followers, ask questions! Ask questions about mothering, recipe ideas, blogging, etc. The possibilities are endless! But once people begin commenting on your posts, others see that and they will too. Now you are in a position to comment back to them and begin building relationships. Once they’ve commented on lots of your questions, they notice more when you post about other things and your blog posts. They’ll be more likely to read them because they ‘know’ you.

Post several times during the day.

If you want to be noticed you’ll have to put yourself out there a lot and this does take work. Posting several times each day gives everyone the opportunity of seeing your posts because not everyone will be on Facebook all day. There are several things you must consider when you post like the timing, the media type, the language.

Timing – Some are only morning people or evening people so they will miss some of your postings. Begin posting around 10am and in increments of 2-3 hours, continue posting until 8pm. There are peak times and low times as with anything, but posting often will definitely be helpful! I personally post 5 times a day.





Media Type – On Facebook you can post with text, a link, an image or a video. Each have their advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Some of them will only reach part of your followers and others may be an annoyance. Although you cannot please everyone, you must think of the effect it will have.

  • Text – This is the standard form of posting on social media and can sometimes be the most boring. Although it allows you to communicate a message, ask a question, or make a comment, does using text communicate it the most effectively? Most people post with text and you want to stand out so followers will read what you have to say, so if you can say it with a photo then do so! Of course there is always appropriate posts that need text, so don’t discount them! Just remember they can be generic and use a variety of media types.
  • Links – For bloggers, links are great to use because we can easily direct followers to our page! Included with a descriptive text, it can be very effective. But I warn you that Facebook doesn’t like links! If you include a link directly in your post it will not reach as many followers because it won’t show up in their newsfeed. Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection says: 

 You’ve probably noticed a lot of Facebook pages posting a status update and then saying *see link in comments* or something similar. We do this because of the way Facebook promotes pages. If you put a link in a status update, only a small fraction of your fans will see that update. Facebook does this so that people will fan pages will pay to promote their updates to more fans. Many of us have found that if we put the link in the comments instead of the status itself we get more than twice as many views. I’ve tried it myself and it has been a huge help for the visibility of my status and links.

  • Image – Photos are wonderful to post because they immediately grab out attention! Most people will look at a picture over reading something. So include text with a picture when you post. And your posting doesn’t always need to be in relation to your blog. Followers appreciate a good laugh so post a funny picture once in a while!
  • Video – If you are vlogger then this is right up your alley! You can post a video to entice followers to bump over to your blog. And if you’re not a vlogger then, you can still use this media! Use it as you would with a funny picture! This is another great way to get someone’s attention and break up the monotony of text posts.

Language – Word selection is definitely an art and something to be considered. What seems good to you, may not come across that way to readers. So before you hit the ‘publish’ button think about these things brought to you by Greg at Hear Say Social.

  • Voice – The one thing that all great social media users have in common is that they use a distinctive voice. They speak to their audiences in natural and relatable language. I follow @TechCrunch for technology news and @SurfingMagazine for surfing news. Both use a vocabulary and tone that suits them. @TechCrunch doesn’t use the word “stoked,” nor have I ever heard @SurfingMagazine use the word “disruptive.”
  • Structure – Depending on how you word it, your post can be considered more direct or passive. Consider these examples:
    • Interested in buying a new 2011 widget?  Click here for more info: http://www.link.com
    • Tom from Grove City, PA loves his 2011 widget! What do you think? http://www.link.com
    While both of these examples link to the widget website, they take different approaches. The first is a strong sales pitch, while the second offers a personal feel and asks an open-ended question. Which do you think is more likely to get a response? (Spoiler alert: It’s the second one.)
  • Placement– Where you place certain elements in a post makes a difference. Are you asking a question at the very end or somewhere in the middle of the post? If you’re including a link, is it going at the beginning or the end of the post?
    • On Twitter, there are a number of popular elements such as @ and #. If you’re directing your post at someone, you can choose to include an @ at the beginning of the tweet—where his or her name would appear naturally—or tack it onto the end. Placement affects how the message is interpreted and received.

Schedule your posts.

 It would be difficult to post several times a day if you weren’t at your computer all day, as most of us aren’t. So a great feature that Facebook has is the ability to schedule post in advance. In order to do this you must go to your fan page and type the post. Underneath the text area for the post is a small image of a clock. You can click on the clock to set the time in advance. I love this feature and use it every day! I do have one complaint though. Because I do not want to include links in the text area but in the comments instead, I need to link up in the comments. But the comment feature is disabled until it goes live and that could be a problem if I’m away from my computer at that time. So I suggest you choose a post like that when you know you will be home and available to link up just after it goes live. Or you could manually input a post like that. 

Give yourself a theme.

In terms of ‘theme’ I’m not talking about design. I’m talking about having a theme in your Facebook posts. Post certain types and kinds of posts each day and become known for them. For example, I have a personal friend on Facebook who gives the daily weather report for our city in central Florida with a humorous twist. So every day I know that she’ll post this and I will go looking for it! I know what to expect from her, I enjoy it and therefore I’m a loyal follower. That’s the idea with giving yourself a theme.

Use large pictures when posting

When you are uploading a blog post, don’t input your link in the text box and wait for it to populate a picture below. That picture is small and unappealing to followers who are scrolling through a bunch of updates. Instead upload a photo from your blog post. Now your picture will be full size and when followers are scrolling down they will see your picture. The chances of them stopping to read will be greater! It takes more time but it’s well worth the effort!

Put your link in the comments.

I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook members and bloggers putting their link in the comments. It’s weird and not natural. So why? Read what Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection says about this:

We do this because of the way Facebook promotes pages. If you put a link in a status update, only a small fraction of your fans will see that update. Facebook does this so that people will fan pages will pay to promote their updates to more fans. Many of us have found that if we put the link in the comments instead of the status itself we get more than twice as many views. I’ve tried it myself and it has been a huge help for the visibility of my status and links.

Hopefully these things have helped you better understand how Facebook works and how better you can work it. Do you have any other Facebook tips to add?


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    This is perfect for me because I need to learn how to utilize Facebook more effectively. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. says

    Great tips. I read that you don’t post your links in the initial post, but in the comment section…why is that? I’m a fairly new blogger to the social media world. I just linked up my blog to FB this past week. (I’m a bit behind the times). :)

  3. says

    Great article. I too am going to try that link in the comments thing. I do notice if I just post my own photos – upload them from my pictures – that are related to my blog post then write up something about it it gets more views. Also notice if you share a post from another person you don’t get many views on that either.

  4. Ginger says

    Featuring YOU today over on my blog. Thank you for linking up to {wow me} wednesday!

    Ginger @ GingerSnapCrafts.com

  5. says

    Thank you for these tips Danielle. I did not know about links in the post effecting the amount of views you get. I was wondering if facebook’s policy on this has changed. I noticed on your facebook page that your links are now within the post rather than in the comments. I have always put them in the post myself, but I only started using my page a few months ago.

    Blessings, Deborah


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