DIY Painted Vases

diy painted vases

DIY Painted Vases

This is a tutorial on DIY painted vases and how to paint your vases on the inside! It was easy and took less time than many other painting jobs done before. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for the benefits and extra tips for this project!

I have painted a few vases before and have never truly liked how they turned out. When I painted my vases on the inside, it worked much better for me! I’m a perfectionist and want everything just so, and painting the vases this way is very forgiving! Enjoy!

Painting your vases:


  • 3-4 glass vases, any size { mine were 10 inches tall}
  • Martha Stewart satin paint – any color
  • Martha Stewart tinted glazed effect
  • ziplock bag
  • paintbrush, foam or bristles
  • plastic container


  1.  Mix 1 part glaze to 1 part paint in a ziplock covered plastic container. Stir with a paint brush thoroughly.  *I use a ziplock bag to cut down on the mess. I can easily throw it away when finished*painted vases 2
  2. Pour the paint into your glass vase and swirl around so the paint covers the entire inside of your vase. *If your paint is too thin {meaning you put too much glaze with the paint} it will not cover with a thick coating and you will need to cover with 2 coats.* painted vases 3
  3. After the paint has covered the vase, sit your vases upside down on newspaper {something to catch excess paint} and allow to drip. *Make sure you don’t leave the vases that way for hours because then the paint will dry along the top rim {that would be the bottom of the vase that’s touching your newspaper} and that will look tacky. painted vases 4
  4. Set your vases right side up and allow to dry completely. The excess paint should have dripped off and now the inside will need to dry. You may have a small puddle of paint at the bottom, but that’s ok. It shouldn’t be noticeable because it’s on the bottom.
  5. If you need to give a second coat of paint, do it here. Remember that when light hits these vases, you will be able to see any streaks, imperfections and thin paint layers. It would be better to have too much than too little paint! diy painted vases 1

Benefits to painting the INSIDE of a vase:

  • A money saver – The paint will look glossy because the vases has a shine to it. Therefore you don’t have to buy an extra bottle of glossy topcoat.
  • A time saver – You don’t have to spend the time painting an extra glossy topcoat.
  • A worry saver – When painting on the inside you don’t have to be a perfectionist. Nobody will see the streaks of a paintbrush. And it should be covered evenly and that’s less worry for you!

Tips to remember:

  • Don’t mix too much glaze with the paint or it will be too thin and runny. It will not cover the area well.
  • The glaze does not affect the color of the paint. It doesn’t dilute the color. However if you put too much or too little glaze it will either be too thin to cover the area well or it will be too thick to cover the area.
  • Drying the inside of the vase can take a long while. Because it’s not exposed to the air, you will need to set your vases under a fan or position a fan on them to dry more quickly.
  • Do not touch your vases on the inside during drying! It will leave a fingerprint in the paint that you can see on the outside.
  • The inside of your vase will NOT dry with a glossy sheen. So when the glossy look has disappeared, that’s a good indicator that it is almost dry.



  1. says

    Neat post, I’ve been wanting to try the “sea glass” look on some dollar store vases I have. I’m sure the tips you shared here will be a big help!

  2. says

    I love this idea. I’ve tried to spray paint vases and they were terrible!! I’ve just remodeled my living room and was looking for that finishing touch… and I think I just found it!! I want to put a pop of color in. Thank you so much! I’ll let you know how it turns outs. Thanks again for a great fun & easy project!!

    • Danielle Wells says

      yes, i know what you mean about spray painting vases! My first project was horrible! Painting on the inside covers a multitude of sins! :) I’d love to see your finished project!

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