Why I bother to decorate a temporary living space – an apartment

When Hubby and I first moved into our apartment, I  had no intention of decorating. I figured that I would only be living here with Hubby for a short time. Boy, was I wrong! We’ve been living  in our 3rd story apartment now for about two and a half years….ever since we were first married! {Here’s my post on living minimally in our little apartment} While I accept this as necessary for now, I am quite ambitious to eventually buy a home. But until that time, I want to make our home comfortable and a haven to enjoy. Why? Why do I bother to decorate a temporary living space?

decorate temporary apartment

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1. I want to live in the moment.

You know those people who are always looking to the next big thing or event in their lives? Those people who are simply not happy to live in the moment and be satisfied with what they currently have? I do not want to be one of those people. How much of my life will be missed or not appreciated because of that kind of outlook?

I know that living in an apartment is not ideal…especially with a baby on the way. But it’s my life right now. And because I can choose my response to that, I choose happiness! Happiness for me is having our walls NOT bare. Happiness is making some curtains to fit our living room windows. Happiness is moving our furniture around so that it won’t look so temporary. I want to be happy now.

2. I want a haven.

I want Hubby to be able to come home to a beautiful, relaxing home every day after work. And I want to enjoy looking at our home.  Having moving boxes piled up in the corners is not relaxing or aesthetically pleasing. Having our walls bare with no pictures or decor is depressing. Having those commerical-type blinds on windows with no cute curtains is boring. I want my home beautiful for my family! We spend much of our time here, so why shouldn’t it be like a haven?

3. I feel better.

I’m a creative person. I like to scrapbook, make cards, create images for my blog posts, play the piano and especially decorate. It’s hard for me to enjoy being in our apartment when it is lacking in creativity, when it’s boring and ugly. I feel better having put my personal touch here and there. I am more relaxed when I don’t see boxes piled up in the corners of our apartment – seeing those boxes reminds me of the junk I have and the work I have to do to go through it all! I feel less claustrophobic when the furniture is placed as if we put some thought into it and when there is less junk hovering about. I just feel better!

4. It’s fun to decorate.

I enjoy decorating! The only reason I put it off for so long was because I was unsure of the temporary status of our living here. I didn’t want to start something and then move the next month: wasteful of my money and time. But sometimes { as I state in #5 you never know how long you will be somewhere } you just have to do what makes you comfortable and happy!

5. Longevity is unknown.

When you move into an apartment or a new home, there is no way to know for sure how long you will be there. Circumstances arise that prevent you from moving. Or you may really enjoy the new neighborhood so you stay forever! But either way, sometimes you just don’t know. So why torture yourself and live in a blank space? Bite the bullet and begin the decorating process! You could be waiting forever! My regret is that I did not begin decorating sooner.

6. It’s a trial run!

Decorating in our apartment has been fun, a challenge at times and sometimes disappointing. I look at it as a trial run though for the “real thing” once we buy a home. I’ve tried a few things that I really ended up not liking. I’ve tried other decorating ideas that I really loved and wished I would have done more of. I’m getting my sense of style and gathering ideas for a much larger space {a house} when we buy. Because the decorating that I do in our apartment is not as extensive as what I would try in a purchased home, I can take what I like with me and leave behind those ideas that were not so amazing.

7. Blank walls are boring.

Do you really want to live in a space that makes you depressed? Do you want to be mad at yourself because you waited 6 months to finally put those picture frames up? No! Did you know that a depressed living space affects your moods and emotional well-being? Don’t add to the growing list of emotional environmental factors that negatively affect you! Do yourself a favor and begin making your home a haven!

Yes, it’s work to decorate but the benefits are worth it!



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