5 Tips for Creating Attractive Images for Social Media

Creating great images to accompany blog posts is very important. It is the images that will catch your readers eye on social media. It is the images that will pop out first. It the images that should inform the reader somewhat of the blog post.

Images play a huge part in your blogging and if you ignore that amazing bit of real estate, you’ll lose viewers, traffic and money! Check out these tips for creating great images!

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1. Take a picture.

This tip is for foodie or crafting bloggers. In those industries you sort of HAVE to use your own pictures! :) But if you’re a marriage, parenting, relationships blogger, you can use free stock images. {Keep reading to learn more about that below}

Many people get stumped on this first bit of advice. So many are worried their picture won’t be good enough, so they don’t attempt anything! But don’t worry about that!

There are tricks to be used in the editing process that will make your image look amazing! So go ahead and take the picture!

I personally take several pictures of an object, bit of food, a room, etc. and I take the picture from several different angles. When time to choose which picture to use, I’ve got lots of choices!

2. Take advantage of other sources for images.

If you’re in a pinch for an image or you’re unable to take pictures, there is another option! There are several online sites that you can go to for free images. You must pay attention to the licensing connected to the images. Here are a few that I have found most helpful!

Check THIS POST for more great images to use for free!

3. Utilize good photo-editing software.

Unless you are an excellent photographer with a good camera, you may not want your pictures to stand alone in your blog posts. In fact, I would go as far to say that you should NEVER use an image for your blog posts and promotion without editing!

There are many photo-editing software sites and programs to use! With these you can add text to the image, put borders around the image, add overlays to it, etc. The picture that you began with can look totally different having used a photo-editing tool! Here are my favorites:

  • Picmonkey – This one is tried and true. I think almost every blogger knows of it! You can do practically anything you need to do in order to edit a photo. The only problem with this one is that because everyone else uses it, your edits can become generic and like everyone else’s. There is a free and paid version. The paid version allows for more fonts, overlays and extras.
  • Ribbet – I like this one because it has a variety of different fonts and overlays to be used that other sites and programs to not offer. It’s not the easiest program to maneuver through but I really like some of the options it offers, so it’s worth it!
  • Canva – I’ve recently found this site and absolutely love it! Their fonts and overlays are almost completely different of those that you can use on other photo-editing sites. Therefore your edited photos will be entirely different from others! Another point that I like about this site is that your created images are stored on their site and you can edit them further upon having exited the site. I’m always finding that once I create an image, I want to change a small something about it. With Canva I can easily go back and tweak it!

I’m sure there are many other sites and programs, but these are free and easiest for me to use right now. Try them! I know you’ll like it!

Remember to follow these tips when editing your images:

  • Lighten a dark image.
  • Crop the excess.
  • Size them properly {Keeping reading about this below}

 4. Use the correct size for social media

You can create a fabulous image, but if it’s not sized correctly for specific social media, it won’t get the attention it deserves!

For example, the correct size for posting to each social media is as follows:

  • Facebook: 940 x 788
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512
  • Pinterest: 735 x 1102
  • Instagram: 640 x640

Instead of having to remember all of those numbers, GO TO CANVA.COM!!! You’ll thank me! It correctly sizes your images for whatever social media you need!

The 2 images below are for Pinterest & Facebook. It points the same blog post. But each image is sized properly for it’s respective network. Big difference!

blog post images

These 2 images are actually on Pinterest this very moment and point to the same blog post on my blog. What do you think?


5. Make your images attractive!

Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic referrals. Therefore I want to make sure that my images are top notch! Some requirements I set for myself are:

  • Have bold colors from the reddish/pinkish hue family. {It’s a proven fact, that images with primarily those colors, get more traction on Pinterest}
  • Use numbers on my post. Posts that have numbers like “5 ways to be patient towards your husband” get more clicks!
  • Have clear but not overtaking images. If I’m using an image for background, I make sure to set the transparency lighter than normal. For example:

{If you’re interested you can click on the images to read the posts}

ways to be patientwith hubby (1)

how to create


Have any tips for me? I’d love to hear what YOU do!

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    • Danielle Wells says

      Longer vertical images catch attention more than square images. But I’m not talking about those really long images that go on forever! I mean a rectangular image that is vertically longer do better on Pinterest.

  1. says

    hello there. Found you through a button swap :) I love these tips. Just a question, do you think that iphone pics are acceptable? I’m wanting a camera but haven’t bought one yet. Are there any you recommend? I’m just now focusing more on my blog, so anything helps!

    • Danielle Wells says

      Hi Lindsay,
      I would say that images are SUPER important. There are lots of great free photo-editing sites that you can utilize to enhance and edit your iphone pics if you choose to go that route. While I would say that cell phone pics aren’t the best, you can still make them look awesome using those photo-editing sites! As for cameras, if you’re going to be using it to enhance your blogging pics, I would do some research and really be choosy. I’ve heard from other “picture people” that they prefer the Nikon DSLR camera or the Cannon DSLR. I’ve not yet bit the bullet and bought one but if I did, it probably be one of those. I hope that was helpful :)

  2. says

    definitely, I think other bloggers have also recommended the Nikon, so that helps to know you agree. I’ve been playing around with different editing sites and so far nothing has really clicked for me, but I’ll keep trying.
    Thanks again! hope to see you around the web.
    Lindsay recently posted…RemainMy Profile

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of Ribbet. You know, just today I was scouring Pinterest to get ideas for how to create my most recent blog post’s image and noticed exactly what you said- that pinks/reds stand out the most. It’s totally true and I’m so glad that you confirmed it to me. Sounds like I need to track down more of these colors in napkins and dishes for my food posts. Thanks, Danielle! P.S. I’m a long-time Canva lover too. I’ve been using them since they first started!
    Jelli recently posted…9 Proven Ways to Save Money on Newborn EssentialsMy Profile

  4. says

    These are great tips, Danielle! I used to love PicMonkey, but like you, have fallen in love with Canva! I just tried the paid version for awhile and it has some awesome options. A magic resize to take your image and create all the other social media versions of it. Such a time saver. Plus it has a branding option where it saves your colors, fonts, and templates. I wish it had more of the editing options Pic Monkey has, though.
    Lori Schumaker recently posted…Strength from the Vantage Point of TodayMy Profile


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