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blog monetization

 There’s alot to be said for blog monetization. When I first began searching on how to monetize I found posts like these super helpful! I couldn’t get enough of them! Now that I’ve been making money for several months, I’d like to share my successes with you!

I’ve found that some things are better than others. Some things are dependent on blog traffic, visitors clicks and my zeal to go after opportunities. Some things haven’t worked well for me but do for others. So all of my advice is what has worked for me. Try it an see where it takes you!

1. Sverve

Sverve is a blogging community that connects with bloggers with brands for business. You can apply to write paid post reviews or participate in their sponsored shares program, which is like sponsored tweets.

You can also upload “tips” to the site as you would to Pinterest. It’s just another way for blog exposure! It’s a great place to learn and educate yourself about blogging too, as many of the tips are blogging related.

2. Social Spark

Social Spark is an excellent way to go for making money with your blog. Monetization opportunities are available through sponsored posts and blog ads and sponsored tweets with Izea. For some great tips in using Social Spark go HERE.

3. Foodie Blogroll

For those bloggers of you who are 75% food bloggers, this is one that you will appreciate. Foodie Blogroll puts ads on your site and pays you for the traffic, not the clicks. It’s a pretty good competitor of Google Adsense. As you can see across the top of my page under the navigation bar, I have a leaderboard Foodie Blogroll ad.

4. Lijit

Lijit is an ad company that pays per view, not per click. It’s another competitor to Google Adsense, and it pays pretty well. They provide online advertising services, audience analytics and reader engagement tools.

5. Infolinkz –

Infolinkz is a company that integrates their ads into your post in text form. It takes the words that you put into your post and uses certain ones as advertisements. When a visitor hovers and clicks on the in text link, a larger a box advertisement pops up. So it’s not intrusive. And it pays pretty well too!

If you are already using Infolinkz, you should think about becoming an affiliate with them! There isn’t a location on their website to apply for their affiliate program; you must contact them HERE.

6. Link Vehicle

Link Vehicle is another ad company that places ads on your blog and pays per click. It’s another good competitor to Google Adsense.

7. Escalate

Escalate is an ad publishing program that usually pays per click or per conversion. Once signed up with them, you can choose whatever ads you’d like to run and place them on your site. It’s something that you have to keep up with…it doesn’t just run itself. I personally haven’t found great success with this but I know of others who make lots of money with it!

For the ads that pay per conversion or when someone buys something, they work best when promoted in a blog post. You could group a bunch of similar ads together to make one blog post like my friend, Paula, did HERE> Or you could run them in your sidebar and see how that works for you.

For the ads that pay per click, I did much better on! Those kinds of ads were for coupons and visitors seems always be on the lookout for that. I put them in my sidebar for everyone to see.

8. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is an easy way to make money using your social media influence! This company will notifiy you via email when there is an opportunity for you. You can set your tweet price at whatever you like, although beginning small (50 cents) and working your way up is a good idea. It will not be scads of money at once, but it will add up!

9.My Recipe Magic

On My Recipe Magic you can upload your recipes with an image. For every visitor that visits your page or your recipe on this site, you get paid ten cents! Again, it’s not big money, but it does add up! If you pin one of your images from this site to Pinterest, you could get some pretty good money! Essentially you’re promoting your recipes on their site.

There’s an option for you to choose to hide the recipe and visitors will have to click to see the recipe at your own site. That’s good for you because then you’ll get traffic!

10. Rivit

Rivit is another advertisting company that places ads on your site. I don’t make lots of money with this company as they don’t pay as much as others. But it’s still money!

11. Chitika

This is another advertising company that places ads on your site. They aren’t my favorite but I have made some pennies with them. Actually I got my first payout of ten dollars which took me about six months to accumulate! You may love this company and how it works, so don’t write it off just yet! See for yourself. I have probably not devoted enough time to learn it, so in the future I may be revamping my Chitika ad placements. :)

For this company, you place html code on your site and the ads will populate! You don’t have to monitor or change anything; it runs itself! That’s the nice thing about it!

You also don’t have to be a huge blog to get accepted. They accept mostly anyone, which is really nice for young bloggers.

12. Blogher

I’m really starting to love Blogher. I’ve had 2 blog monetization opportunities with them. It’s easy and it pays well! Blogher is a large site with thousands and maybe millions of bloggers registered there. So if you’re a small blog you may not get accepted or be offered many monetization opportunities. Be patient.

They have social infuence opportunities, which is simply using your social media to promote a brand. There are guest post opportunities on their site. There are sponsored post opportunities on the site as well. When you sign up, take your time, read as much as you can about it and stay informed!

 13. Your Own Blog

Many bloggers fail to advertise for themselves. Maybe you don’t think you are big enough or that companies would value your worth. Whatever the case, you should be taking your blog to the next level and you can easily begin in your own blog!

Create ads to put in your sidebar that announce that you’re accepting ads! Look in my sidebar at the small ads that say ‘your ad here.’ I made that and that lets companies and other bloggers know, I’m willing to sell ad space! 2 of my 3 slots are filled just from that!

Swap blog buttons with others! Google ‘blog swap’ or ‘button swap’ and find other bloggers who you would be willing to swap buttons with in your sidebar or on a button swap page! This gives you a boost of advertisement in another location!

14. Linqua

Linqua is a company that brings you sponsored post opportunities to feature on your blog for payment!

15. Pollinate

Pollinate is a company similar to Linqua and Sverve. You can get some great opportunities for some great pay!

 What other companies do you love to work with?

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    • Danielle Wells says

      It all depends on how many views you have right now. :) Some companies will take you without large amounts of views and in that case, go for it! You will find that others require more. I’d say to begin applying and do what you can!

  1. says

    I followed your advice and loaded a bunch of my recipes on My Recipe Magic, so far it looks like they’re paying 1c per view, not 10c per view, so I’m not sure if there is a magic threshold you have to cross before the amount goes up or if you had a typo in your original post. Just letting others know, for a penny a view I’m not sure if it was worth the time & effort to add my recipes to the site.
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